Effect of Technology on Job Satisfaction of Accounting Teachers in Plateau State


  • A. F. Dashe Business Education Department Federal College of Education Pankshin
  • P. Chundusu Business Education Department Federal College of Education Pankshin
  • Amb. M. Dawam Business Education Department Federal College of Education Pankshin


Technology, Job satisfaction, Job benefits, and Accounting teachers.


This study is designed to determine the effect of technology skills acquisition of accounting
teachers on their job fulfilment, job benefits and work load. Survey instrument design was
used for the study and questionnaires was sent to accounting teachers in secondary schools
and colleges of education in Plateau state Nigeria. The researchers employed the use of
factor analysis. This is done as a variable reducing scheme to determine the effects of the
constructs of the study. To test this relationship, we performed regressions subdividing the
sample by the levels of technology engagements of the respondents. Since, the dependent
variable in the regression is job satisfaction, the independent variables represented the
dichotomous factors which is varied by the level of the technology use of accounting
teachers. Findings revealed that technology do have effects on teachers’ satisfaction towards
work. The study therefore recommends that, institutions should continue to maintain the
interest of their teachers in the online/blended programme or technology based teaching by
trying to minimise the barriers such as ensuring that the students have an adequate
knowledge of how to use the technology, have the necessary basic technologies needed,
sufficient number of opportunities for interactions, and availability of technical supports.