Influence of Microfinance Credit Facilities on Socio-economic Development and Poverty Reduction among Women in Birnin Kudu Local Government Area Jigawa State


  • A. Auwalu Department of Vocational and Technical Education Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
  • S. S. Amoor Department of Vocational and Technical Education Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria


Microfinance, Poverty, Credit facility, Socio-economic status.


This research study was carried out on influence of microfinance credit facilities on socio-
economic development and poverty reduction among women in Birnin Kudu Local
Government Area, Jigawa State. Three specific objectives in line with which and three
corresponding null hypotheses were raised and formulated for the study. Descriptive
research design of was used for the study. The target population of the study was 70 women
participants in microfinance in New World Microfinance Bank, Birnin-Kudu. The bank has a
total population of 70 women that collected loan. The study used the entire 70 women from
the eleven wards across the local government Area (Birnin Kudu Local Government Area) as
a sample for this study. The instrument used for the study was a researcher designed
questionnaire for the data collection. The instrument had a reliability coefficient of 0.61. The
finding among others revealed that microfinance credit facility had a significant influence on
the shelter improvement of women in Jigawa State (P=0.000). One among the
recommendations given was that, Microfinance banks should endeavour to offer credit
facilities to women across Jigawa state so as to boost their socio-economic status and reduce
poverty among women in small scale businesses in the entire local government area.